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Murigo urituhagira ikumbi ini


That’s what my mum often tells me when I feel like I’m at a breaking point: “The load feels heavier the closer you get to the granary,” and boy am I at the granary!

I’m not sure about ya’ll but I simply can’t wait. I mean, I think I can. In fact, I know I can yet I’m struggling not to relax too soon. I still need to finish out the next few weeks with the same focus and intensity as I have the last many many weeks.

Am I the only one feeling a tad more overwhelmed than usual or are there others out there? Ya’ll, please help a sista out! Write me soon, and gimme something to look forward to

Adios to ya’ll 😉

Men we love to love


We all have them – at least I hope we do. Men we love to love. Here is a short list of the men I love to love:

Man #1 :  the man who told me he would do something, gave an approximate date to do it and….drum roll please….actually did it! Just when I was starting to think that men who kept their word were a myth, one comes along and totally saves the day.

Thank you, man #1, for reminding me that a man’s word really is his bond.

Man #2: the nice, friendly, cute guy I met while traveling this weekend. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise to score a window seat on an almost full bus, have a  cutie to share the seat with, and a chivalrous one to boot! The interesting conversation was the cherry on the top and the seemingly quick trip? Another cherry on the top (of the other cherry :-))

Thank you, man #2, for adding a little more flavor to my trip.

Man #3: My no-longer-young cousin who is not only a young man now, but is still sweet and ever more mature!

Thank you, man #3, for no other reason that being you

Man #4: This is more like a group. This group of men love and cherish the women that matter most to me in ways that leave my girls feeling special, beautiful and cherished. I may not know these men, but I know the ones they love. Thank you guys. It really is the way you love them.

Man #5: Again, this is a group of men. These are the men who are apparently having a relationship with you, in your absence. To make matters worse (or better, as it were), they break up with you, sometimes in long elaborate ways! Ok, I admit we don’t exactly love these men except that without them, what pray tell would girls world over laugh about? LOL 😀

Now that I’ve shared some of mine, I’m soooo looking forward to hearing all about the men you love to love. Until then…keep on loving them 😉

Freud’s oral stage?


I think I’ve been eating non-stop for the last several hours, for the last several days. At the very least, I’ve been thinking about eating non stop for the last several hours and the last several days. It feels like I’ve reverted to Freud’s oral stage and just want to keep putting stuff in my mouth. Here’s a conservative list: ice-cream, mint tea, good ol tea, hot limeade, Indian food, fruit, egg, ham, cheese, OJ, frozen fruit, good ol fruit, water, Mango lassee, more ice-cream….even as I write this, I am still contemplating eating some more. Maybe some grape fruit, cereal, potato chips, nuts, apple cider, then tea, then ice-cream (again 🙂 I mean….seriously!!! I’m not even sure if it’s the food itself or the idea of the food. Hmmm…food for thought. There we go again with the thoughts of food, LOL 🙂

Ok, so here’s my question to you: do you ever have those days, or am I alone here? You know the ones: you can’t seem to stop stuffing your face or at least thinking about stuffing your face.

Also, are there foods that you just can’t seem to say “no” to? Please tell me and maybe I won’t feel oh-so-alone in this crazy food fantasy world of mine.

Have a great week

Strange week


Ok, so this has been am interesting week. Very busy and a little strange. All week, I had this feeling like people were looking at me, and not necessarily in a bad way but…I don’t know. What do I mean? Here, lemme tell you what I mean:

1. There was the guy that walked by me with his friend (I was sitting in a building, he was walking on the street) and then literally stopped and backtracked – twice! The first time to look at me again and the second time to explain that he had stopped to look at me again because my face had a certain glow 😕

2. Then there was the homeless-looking guy who looked up from watching the concrete and actually stopped and wished me a good day as I was walking by

3. And what about the guy on the bus who was looking at me like he’d seen a ghost (or a celebrity, whichever one inspires that kind of look 😀 ). He kept looking at me as if he was trying to figure me out or he was seeing someone he wasn’t sure he was supposed to be seeing

I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s had stuff like that happen. It’s not dangerous (at least I don’t think so coz these people are not following me), it has just aroused a certain curiosity in me.

Write me and lemme know what you think. More importantly, tell me how your week was. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.