Men we love to love


We all have them – at least I hope we do. Men we love to love. Here is a short list of the men I love to love:

Man #1 :  the man who told me he would do something, gave an approximate date to do it and….drum roll please….actually did it! Just when I was starting to think that men who kept their word were a myth, one comes along and totally saves the day.

Thank you, man #1, for reminding me that a man’s word really is his bond.

Man #2: the nice, friendly, cute guy I met while traveling this weekend. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise to score a window seat on an almost full bus, have a  cutie to share the seat with, and a chivalrous one to boot! The interesting conversation was the cherry on the top and the seemingly quick trip? Another cherry on the top (of the other cherry :-))

Thank you, man #2, for adding a little more flavor to my trip.

Man #3: My no-longer-young cousin who is not only a young man now, but is still sweet and ever more mature!

Thank you, man #3, for no other reason that being you

Man #4: This is more like a group. This group of men love and cherish the women that matter most to me in ways that leave my girls feeling special, beautiful and cherished. I may not know these men, but I know the ones they love. Thank you guys. It really is the way you love them.

Man #5: Again, this is a group of men. These are the men who are apparently having a relationship with you, in your absence. To make matters worse (or better, as it were), they break up with you, sometimes in long elaborate ways! Ok, I admit we don’t exactly love these men except that without them, what pray tell would girls world over laugh about? LOL 😀

Now that I’ve shared some of mine, I’m soooo looking forward to hearing all about the men you love to love. Until then…keep on loving them 😉


About miamor2111

I decided to stop watching life pass by and join in instead. This year is all about saying "yes" to life, opportunity and ideas thus this blog. Like many people, I've wanted to start a blog, and like many people I chickened out. In fact, this is my second serious attempt. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Feel free to leave all sorts of comments, any time and I promise to do my best to reply. Feel free to compliment, complain, criticize, communicate...whatever floats your boat. See you soon :-)

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  1. Those that know how to have a goodtime without complicating issues. It sucks when you have to “dump” a guy friend because all of a sudden they feel like they need to take it to the next level. Whatever happened to keeping it simple? Parhaps it’s true what they say about men being incapable of being just friends with women. Most of my guy friends have at one time or another ended up flirting with me.

    • I know exactly what you mean. It puts you in an awkward position coz you like them, you just don’t like LIKE them. On the other hand, we always hear how the best relationships are those that start with friendship. Maybe timing is key? I’m not sure about this one. Gay friends are awesome for many reasons, this being one of them: you know that they will never like you like that you’re totally comfy with them.

  2. About the gay men – funny story. I had a gay boss once; and he favoured me tremendously. I think he quite liked me. And being the total girl, i started getting a crush on him. We would horseplay like crazy. At some point he even slapped my ass – HARD – and i remember thinking….what am i to make of this? Was it a sign? We’d go out to lunch and have drinks afterwards. And i remember my heart would always race when i got to be with him – just the two of us. At a christmas party i remember desperately wishing he would dance with me…and what do you know? He danced with me…and i’m talking raunch!! His VERY long term partner was right there too – but i guess he didn’t mind. I could have sworn my boss got aroused…but perhaps it waswishful thinking? But i was just very very confused about the whole issue. Was he really trully gay? Was there a chance that he wanted me? I know i wanted him! I even thoroughl contemplated voicing my love for him – and i actually wrote a letter – which i of course deleted soon after. But it was all just very wierd. I eventually got over him…but it took a lot of work. I think i’ll keep the gay friends at bay thank you very much. Because if you develop feelings for them…… you’re royally screwed!!

    So, what do you think? Did this guy like LIKE me? Could i have turned him…even briefly? 🙂

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