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Yeah people, I am MIA this week. There will be no blog entry. Why, you ask? Because I am in finals mode in the worst way. As my friend said, “I’m shitting bricks!”

I’m pulling an all-nighter tonight, no doubt one of two, maybe even three that must be done if I’m to have any hope of finishing all the work that I need to do.

Just because I can’t write you doesn’t mean you can’t write me. Matter of fact, any hope, words of wisdom and prayer (and perhaps even fasting) would be much appreciated.

Have a great week ahead!


Wanted: intern boyfriend


Duties of the right intern boyfriend (* Agency=Mia):

1. Will visit agency(*) 3X per week

2. Will be available to meet agency needs for a maximum of 21 hours per week. No less than 14 hours, no more than 28 hours per week

3. Shall not contact agency after weekly agency time has been allotted (said 21-28 hrs)

4. Will have 90 minutes per week (to be divided into 3 half hour sessions or 1 90 minute session) to process agency and internship experience

5. Will have to make a one year commitment to agency. Public holidays and days when agency is closed will not be counted against intern

6. Will perform a variety of tasks in the best interest of the agency, up to and including laundry, cooking, flowers, chocolate and the occasional chai latte with a pastry and fruit

7. Shall reside within 60 minutes of agency

Rights of intern boyfriend

1. To be provided with the best learning opportunities

2.ย  To evaluate and be evaluated based on performance

3. At least one hour per agency day to give both self and agency a break

Benefits of boyfriend internship

1. Shall have in excess of 100 hours to spend as he pleases, away from agency

2. May be hired at the end of the internship year

3. In the event that intern is not promoted and hired as a full time boyfriend, agency will give appropriate and accurate recommendation

Stuck on his nuts!


Yeah, you heard me. Seriously, there’s this guy that has me totally and completely addicted to his nuts.

It all started last Saturday. I wasn’t even really paying attention…just walking…minding my own darn business. Totally out of the blue, here’s this totally cute guy smiling at me and then he starts to talk to me. One thing led to another, and next thing you know, I’m addicted. Like seriously! I went by later for more and then I went back again a couple of days later for…you guessed it. Double the pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, last night, I had a really serious craving for his nuts. I was even going to go see him again, except that I couldn’t so I made plans to go tomorrow. I simply can’t wait. More importantly, I can’t wait to taste his warm, delicious, finger-licking good, honey roasted peanuts, coz I’m a nut for nuts!

The paradox of past, present and future


This week has been about past present and future, namely, people in my past who still had a foot in my present, people in my present who may have a foot in my future…several different configurations could work in these situations. Here’s the run down:

One person was a part of my past, where I thought he would remain. It turns out that he’s made it to my present, and possibly to my future. Hmm…whodathunk it ๐Ÿ˜•

Another was a part of my past, where I hoped he wouldn’t remain. Imagine my surprise when it turned that he will most likely stay in my past, barring any major changes ofcourse.

Yet another person was in my present and now appears to be relegated to my past and never to my future.

The 4th person was one who was a part of my past but who I thought would make it to my future some how, only to discover that he did not belong in my present or my future.

In all these situations, I really didn’t see these things coming, at least not in the way they turned out, and yet I’m peaceful and happy with the way they did turn out. I feel free, I feel clear and I feelย  sure that things are exactly as they need to be at this time. These people are exactly where they need to be in my life.

So, what do you do when your past becomes your present, or when it won’t leave your present or when it doesn’t make it to your future. In my case, I surrendered and went with the flow, and I’m all the better for it ๐Ÿ™‚