Wanted: intern boyfriend


Duties of the right intern boyfriend (* Agency=Mia):

1. Will visit agency(*) 3X per week

2. Will be available to meet agency needs for a maximum of 21 hours per week. No less than 14 hours, no more than 28 hours per week

3. Shall not contact agency after weekly agency time has been allotted (said 21-28 hrs)

4. Will have 90 minutes per week (to be divided into 3 half hour sessions or 1 90 minute session) to process agency and internship experience

5. Will have to make a one year commitment to agency. Public holidays and days when agency is closed will not be counted against intern

6. Will perform a variety of tasks in the best interest of the agency, up to and including laundry, cooking, flowers, chocolate and the occasional chai latte with a pastry and fruit

7. Shall reside within 60 minutes of agency

Rights of intern boyfriend

1. To be provided with the best learning opportunities

2.  To evaluate and be evaluated based on performance

3. At least one hour per agency day to give both self and agency a break

Benefits of boyfriend internship

1. Shall have in excess of 100 hours to spend as he pleases, away from agency

2. May be hired at the end of the internship year

3. In the event that intern is not promoted and hired as a full time boyfriend, agency will give appropriate and accurate recommendation


About miamor2111

I decided to stop watching life pass by and join in instead. This year is all about saying "yes" to life, opportunity and ideas thus this blog. Like many people, I've wanted to start a blog, and like many people I chickened out. In fact, this is my second serious attempt. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Feel free to leave all sorts of comments, any time and I promise to do my best to reply. Feel free to compliment, complain, criticize, communicate...whatever floats your boat. See you soon :-)

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  1. LOL…glad you enjoyed it. No, the intern boyfriend is IN LIEU of an actual boyfriend 🙂 I’m sorry but I just can’t handle an actual relationship right now so I figure an intern to fill the position is the best way to go 😀

    You’re proud of me? Awwww ^_^ Ur too sweet my Josie.

    So, speaking of intern boyfriends, I’m taking applications. Any suggestions??? 😉

  2. That’s amusing… I’m having trouble picturing how it would work, but then, you had trouble picturing exactly how poly would work, so that makes us even. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. LOL…it probably wouldn’t really work except in theory it sounds so great – to me at least 🙂 I think it boils down to wanting to be with someone yet knowing I’m just not in a place to give much of myself, yet I want someone who’s in a position to give of themselves. I’m also an intern (not the girl friend kind though :-)), so I drew a lot of those things from my current internship.

    I’ll try to follow your posts re: polyamor. The whole concept is very interesting to me.

    Have a good good one!

  4. LOL….it’s an internship! The only one who pays is the intern boyfriend himself! HAHAHA. He’ll be paying for the privilege of being my intern boyfriend. Read that last part? At the end of the year, he MAY get the “job”. LOL…glad you enjoyed it!

      • Did someone say “dominatrix? Well, not quite. Not yet anyway.”? Okay, now I’m starting to get aroused. I think I live more than 60 minutes away though. My fantasies are running wild trying to imagine what the “90 minutes per week (divided into three 30 minute sessions or 1 90 minute session) to process agency and internship experience” would be like. Are those sessions where I’d be getting spankings? (more arousal). How dominant are you? Hypothetically if I applied and you, er, The Agency, accepted (unlikely I’m sure) me as an intern would you tell me if and when the “yet” comes? (If and when I should call you Mistress Mia, Domina Mia, Lady Mia, or Goddess Mia)? I’d better stop now before I get too turned on.

      • LOL. You cracked me up! Ummm… unfortunately, this position is closed as my own (academic) internship position came to an end. In addition, while I’m sure I could be a pretty domineering dominatrix, I’d prolly need a good, long,strong monogamous relationship and a decent amount of tequila (my on-again-off-again boyfriend 🙂 )

        From your comment, should I assume that you love to be dominated?

  5. To an extent, yes. I’m masochistic. I’m attracted to women who would get satisfaction and pleasure out of embarrassing me with pantied exposure (especially in photos) and giving me excessively cruel spankings. The obedience would need to be taught to me because I am definitely disobedient presently. I guess the answer is probably yes, if it eventually occured naturally on her (or your) part.

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