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Knights at the hospital


Thursday was an awful day. Long story short: I was in a lot of pain so I called a friend, totally freaking out. Smart girl that she is, she told me to go to my doc. Within the hour, I was at the emergency room trying not to totally freak out and lose it. I did get a shot of morphine, which eased my pain. It also turned me into a blubbering, forgetful fool. My friend will have lots of stories I’m sure šŸ™‚

In my time at the hospital, I met a few knights in shining armor.

Knight #1: I have to say that the resident assigned to me was also one of the most attentive people in the whole hospital. She was also one of THE nicest people I have ever met. She had two interns with her and I hope they learn as much as they can from her because not only was she a medical resident, she was also a compassionate and attentive and empathic resident. I wonder if her attending physicians know how incredibly lucky they are to have her!

Knight # 2 & 3 were the two doctors assigned to me. One was my actual specialist while the other was a specialist called in to help. The assisting specialist (now my current doc) was especially nice and honest and on point. They both looked good in scrubs. Yeah, I know: here I am sick as a dog and I’m talking about doctors looking hot in scrubs. Well, lemme tell you….I was sick, not dead! šŸ˜€

Knights #4, 5, 6, 7…: All the people who came to check in on me through the night including nurses, techs and especially the hot, young, Asian doc who was so sweet and smiling and very present with me. Like I said, I was sick, not dead! HAHA šŸ˜‰

I joke now but in all seriousness, when you’re flat on ur back and need help and are scared by what’s happening, it’s nice to know that there are certain knights to be counted on for every night at the hospital. Here’s to all you doctors, residents, interns, nurses, technicians, assistants and more who are involved in the care of a patient at a hospital. Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, asante sana, thank you very much!

My awesome date with Steve Harvey


Ok, so it wasn’t a real date but it sure felt like it. His new book had me feeling like a lady – who couldn’t stop laughing (so if you saw a single hot lady at a local coffee chain in a local bookstore chain reading and laughing out loud, that was probably me :-))

It was a nerve-wracking day so I decided to spend some serious Mia-time at my local bookstore chain. A cup of hot tea and a warm blueberry scone later, I was sitting at the feet of the master himself learning how men think. I thought I needed a clue. What I got was a priceless lesson in men and love. Let’s just say it gave me a lot to think about.

Here’s some of what I learned:

1. Every man has a plan. You’d be best served to find out what your man’sĀ  (or man-to-be) plan is. How? ASK! Good ol’ Steve even gives you questions to ask, and suggestions on HOW to ask them. Mm hmm

2. Men like standards: Get some! Ladies, don’t be afraid to state (gently please) what your standards and expectations are. You’re in this together, and if he buckles? Let a brother go coz he was on his way out anyway!

3. 90 day probation is necessary: Just like a company pays you but makes you wait 90 days to prove yourself before you can get the benefits, so you should wait and make the man wait. 90. DAYS. For some, that’ll be a walk in the park. For some, it’ll feel like a death sentence. All I can say is, 90 days is worth it.

I never thought I would say this but this was a dating book that I want to give to all my girls. YAY

There was plenty more but somehow I keep coming back to “Every man has a plan.” Lemme break it down for you: if you go out with a guy and he doesn’t call, THAT was his plan. The examples could go on and on and on.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and find out “DUDE, WHAT’S THE PLAN?” Better yet, let a bratha know what YOUR plan is. Like I said, You are in this together. He does not get to dictate anything and really, according to Steve, women have all the power. Ok, maybe not all but sometimes, we really do have ALL the power, especially the power to the “cookie” šŸ˜‰

2 hotties and a nottie?


Ok, so there are two hot men (that I’m willing to talk about)

Hottie #1: I’ll call you guy….I won’t go into details but we’re cool. That experience afforded me an opportunity to try something different and experiment a little so; I’m cool and he’s cool and we’re both cool. It’s alllll good šŸ™‚ Did I mention he’s was a hottie? Please BELIEVE me, for I would not tell a lie: this guy is a hottie HOTTIE šŸ˜‰

Hottie #2: Guy from my past who I thought would be my present but…see previous post on past, present, future. Anyhoo, hottie #2 called out of the freaking blue. Seriously! No kidding!!! Again, without going into too many details, I can tell you that this turned out to be the conversation that many people wish they had šŸ˜‰

So…one of these is a nottie šŸ˜¦ while the other is a naughty ;-). Who do you think is which? I can’t tell but I guess time will šŸ˜‰

Until then, I better get back to all the other hotties that I’m sooo not sharing with you – yet!

Ciao šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

I’ll call you?


To compensate for my previous long rambling blog, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet:

So, how many times have we all heard that phrase from the mouth of babes? Ok, maybe not babes but these are sweet-talking, seemingly normal guys yet somehow we end up with the same age-old question: why do men say they’ll call and then don’t. What’s the dealio-yo?

I mean, maybe they’re just not that into you. Ok….whatever. But then why lie about it? It certainly is not for the woman’s sake. They’re not lying to your face because they just care oh-so-much about you. So then, why this lie? Is it empowering for them to feel good that someone somewhere is possibly waiting for their call? Do they mean to call but then just don’t? Do they just chicken out and rather lie than actually find another adult way to say “thanks but I’m not really interested right now.” If you’re gonna lie, why not tell a lie which makes you look good and is harmless e.g. I actually have a girlfriend or I’m gay. Whatever you wanna say is fine, except don’t lie to someone’s face about your intentions. That’s just low! And a little pathetic (just calling a spade a spade).

Why in the name of all that is holy do men tell this stupid lie?



Today was such a full day. I was thinking I would narrate what happened but I think it’ll be better for me to map it for you. Here’s the breakdown:

1. When I switched trains this morning, I ended up being the only person in my train car. What did I do? I sang, and I mean out loud. OOOOH SAY CAN YOU SEE…. I even tried doing that shpill that we often hear on the subway: “ladies and gentlemen….gimme a donation…” It was kind of weird but alas, spontaneous and fun šŸ™‚

2. It was my last day at my “job” and I went in with all these things planned to do. I ended up accomplishing some of them and others didn’t get done – just like all other days

3. I attended a very informative training from a visiting attorney

4. I had another meeting directly following that one. It was good to have time to talk and say a proper goodbye to my supervisor (one of them). Oh, and she got me a gift and asked me to keep in touch, which is just so great coz I admire her so much and learn so much from her

5. The office, the awesome people that I work with, had this huge, HUGE lunch spread and we all sat in the conference room and talked and laughed and ate and it was good

6. We took pictures and it was fun

7. I opened the office-wide card to me and it was so sweet. Every one, I mean EVERY ONE wrote something sweet and meaningful and personal. I won’t lie: it felt good to be appreciated šŸ™‚

8. One of my co-cohorts gave me a really nice and sweet gift. Again, I won’t lie: this was incredibly sweet

9. At the end of the day, we left and again, it was really nice to spend some quality time with a friend and co-worker

I got on the train to come home and guess what, “ladies and gentlemen…” haha, ok so it’s not what you think but it started out that way…”ladies and gentlemen, due to police action at…please be patient. Oh, and the AC was off so we were all dying of heat, which was good. Why, you ask? Because people started talking to each other and decisions were made and bonds were formed. Needless to say, a window was opened and shortly, the AC was back on. Great! Until two stops later, we got kicked off the train. “Ladies and gentlemen, I just heard from my supervisor…this is the last stop.” Whaaat? I wanna get hoooome. Yeah, that’s me whining on the inside but on the outside, I kept my cool, asked the conductor how to get home and turned to leave. Except that two of the ladies from the train were waiting for me and we walked and talked and laughed together to the next station. Oh, I even found one of the city’s landmarks and took a pic. So fun, for me at least!

Anyway, on my way home I saw a store I’ve never seen before so I decided to go in. One of the ladies in there started going kind of crazy, talking about how I looked JUST LIKE HER – a particular actress. We ended up talking and laughing and having a good time. I left, but not before she asked for my phone number, just like the two ladies from the train did. Cool šŸ˜€

I got home, only to learn that the reason the subway was closed was because a guy stabbed a cop, shots were fired IN THE SUBWAY but luckily no one died. Ummmm…..that’s kind of crazy, non? How does “gimme a cigarette” turn into “here, lemme stab you with a screw driver right before you shoot me and graze a teenager’s leg with a bullet?” Anyway, that’s my day, and it’s NOT in a nutshell šŸ™‚

Bottom line:

I felt appreciated

I had a good day

I went with the flow at the unexpected turns and was happier for it

I said YES and enjoyed my random pathed day. YAY MIA, right??? RIGHT???

Ok, that’s me. How was your day? Actually, that’s a great question. I really want know. How was/is your day? Let a sista know. Till then, have a fabulous day and remember to go with the flow. I am off to see sleep, my lover šŸ˜‰