My awesome date with Steve Harvey


Ok, so it wasn’t a real date but it sure felt like it. His new book had me feeling like a lady – who couldn’t stop laughing (so if you saw a single hot lady at a local coffee chain in a local bookstore chain reading and laughing out loud, that was probably me :-))

It was a nerve-wracking day so I decided to spend some serious Mia-time at my local bookstore chain. A cup of hot tea and a warm blueberry scone later, I was sitting at the feet of the master himself learning how men think. I thought I needed a clue. What I got was a priceless lesson in men and love. Let’s just say it gave me a lot to think about.

Here’s some of what I learned:

1. Every man has a plan. You’d be best served to find out what your man’s  (or man-to-be) plan is. How? ASK! Good ol’ Steve even gives you questions to ask, and suggestions on HOW to ask them. Mm hmm

2. Men like standards: Get some! Ladies, don’t be afraid to state (gently please) what your standards and expectations are. You’re in this together, and if he buckles? Let a brother go coz he was on his way out anyway!

3. 90 day probation is necessary: Just like a company pays you but makes you wait 90 days to prove yourself before you can get the benefits, so you should wait and make the man wait. 90. DAYS. For some, that’ll be a walk in the park. For some, it’ll feel like a death sentence. All I can say is, 90 days is worth it.

I never thought I would say this but this was a dating book that I want to give to all my girls. YAY

There was plenty more but somehow I keep coming back to “Every man has a plan.” Lemme break it down for you: if you go out with a guy and he doesn’t call, THAT was his plan. The examples could go on and on and on.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and find out “DUDE, WHAT’S THE PLAN?” Better yet, let a bratha know what YOUR plan is. Like I said, You are in this together. He does not get to dictate anything and really, according to Steve, women have all the power. Ok, maybe not all but sometimes, we really do have ALL the power, especially the power to the “cookie” 😉


About miamor2111

I decided to stop watching life pass by and join in instead. This year is all about saying "yes" to life, opportunity and ideas thus this blog. Like many people, I've wanted to start a blog, and like many people I chickened out. In fact, this is my second serious attempt. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Feel free to leave all sorts of comments, any time and I promise to do my best to reply. Feel free to compliment, complain, criticize, communicate...whatever floats your boat. See you soon :-)

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