Monthly Archives: August 2009

An unexpected gift at an unexpected time


These last three months have been some of the stormiest months in recent years. I’m happy to report that things are starting to get better yet I’ve still been walking around like someone in a battlefield. In my defense, I’m at the tail end of a storm and I guess I still haven’t been so willing to trust the calm. I’m a Christian by faith so I was also asking God  a million questions, wondering how in the world things were going to work out, then something happened that basically answered my questions and calmed my fears.

It started with random songs in my head, all pointing to the same thing: God would take care of me. I guess He could tell I wasn’t too trusting coz the next thing I knew, random people on facebook, some of whom I rarely see, were posting the same things on their walls: “God will come through for you no matter how long it takes” said one of them. This time I started to get it, kinda like the sunshine on a cloudy or rainy day. However, he went one step further to cement His message and did one more thing: He sent an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.

I got a note that said “I sent you something by mail. You should get it by next Tuesday or Wednesday.” Honestly, considering the source I figured I knew what it was 😉 so I expected a chuckle and a blush from this “envelope” from this sweet friend. However, when I finally got it, it didn’t look like anything I thought it would. I ripped it open to find: a beautiful, sweet letter and something that God knew I needed and would continue to need in the future (among other things). In it, she said that she had felt led by God to do this, that she didn’t know why but she knew that she must obey that prompting as it had been with her for quite a while. To say that this letter and its contents shocked me would be the understatement of the year!

See, on the way to the post office, I had been talking to my mum, telling her that I had moved here on faith, that I had trusted God with so much yet things hadn’t gone as hoped and I now was beginning to feel embarrassed about it. I was ashamed to admit that I had made these HUGE life choices based on what I thought God had promised to do, believing that He would be there every step of the way. I wasn’t feeling very positive or trusting so to get this letter felt like one huge Godly eyebrow raised at me, as in “SEE???? I TOLD you it’s ok to trust me. Didn’t I? Didn’t I? Haha, and you thought I would abandon you? Never! Never have and never will!”

I once heard from a movie that the best gift was “an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.” Well, this friend surely reminded me of that. I still have moments of worry, I still have times when I can’t seem to relax in the knowledge that no matter what I’ll be alright.  That one envelop gave me the added strength and fuel to trust that I am ok now and will be ok in the future and that all is well and all will be well. NOW I can trust the calm.

Nice vs. Rude


It’s obvious, I know, but I still feel it bears mentioning: rude store clerks, customer service reps, doctors, dentists and people in general suck. I mean they make an experience that much more awful and uncomfortable. Lemme explain my soapbox:

1. I was in a bookstore yesterday and I realized that I really didn’t want to be there. The thing is, they sell books at a discount, they have a large selection and conveniently located. So what’s the problem? They’ve got to be some of the unfriendliest employees I’ve ever met. I mean, these people are surrounded by all these wonderful published works and they act like it’s such a bother for them to assist you. To make matters worse, you have no choice but to talk to them when you need assistance because they don’t have public-access computers that allow customers to do the searching themselves. Another thing: they’re shelving system sucks! I love that they’re focused on books and books alone (i.e no coffee shop *GASP*) but dang people, lose the snobbery already, STRAND.

2. On the complete opposite side of the scale, I walked into a store today and ended up spending about an hour just working on one thing. I happened to be talking to the manager and he calmly, patiently, politely, pleasantly and respectfully handled the situation, and this was something that would’v e had me in knots, forehead twisted due to frustration. His sense of humor and maturity didn’t hurt either. I ended up spending $50 in the store because I felt comfortable and appropriately attended to. I’ve gotta tell you: it was actually weird to find someone who seemed to love his job and did it without a chip on his shoulder. Good call, RadioShack, on hiring this manager!

Ok, so lemme step off my soap box (for now). From now on, we should all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Haha, I’m teasing, although it couldn’t hurt. Seriously though, from now on, let’s strive for more “nice” less “rude” ok? OK? Mm hm…I’ll be watching you 🙂