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CNN Heroes Awards


I missed most of this event and now I wish I hadn’t. However, I did get to watch it long enough to be inspired.

First was the man who made it his business to provide wheelchairs to injured Iraqi children. This was just so moving; he said something to the effect of “injured children are a blessing and every child is special.”

Next came the story of the father to the forgotten: a man so selfless and generous that he had built an orphanage and taken in so many children. He was now the father of 3 biological children and 48 adopted little ones. He grows the food they eat but as if that wasn’t enough, he uses what he grows to feed countless other hungry children in the neighborhood. Even his acceptance speech oozed class, humility, gratitude, humor and wisdom. This is a man who is so generous that he told the crowd that he didn’t feel like a hero but he wanted the opportunity to introduce the real hero in his life: his wife! The camera cut to a woman with gorgeous hair. That’s all we saw since she was crying so hard. It was all very sweet. I literally exclaimed “where are these men?” He also proceeded to call his 3 biological children his other heroes and then declared his love for them in front of everyone, right before bragging on them. Let’s all collectively say it: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ “Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I must admit, watching this show – at least the parts that I caught – inspired me in at least two ways:

1. It showed me what other people were doing: what was possible. what is possible

2. It showed me that I can definitely do more. It isn’t a contest and I don’t need to guilt myself into it but it’s nice to know that even in the life-seasons where I feel tired, worn and empty, I still have something to offer someone

In a time when many people seem so self-involved, selfish and sometimes just plain stupid (see White House party crashers), it’s nice to see that there are still many people doing the opposite: making decisions based on the well-being of others. I hope to add myself to this list and look forward to adding my adventures to the “Yes Trail” on this blog so please check it out from time to time.

God Bless πŸ™‚

My Rant on the White House Party Crashers


I thought it was a bad joke when I first heard it: A well-dressed, wealthy couple had apparently crashed the White House’s first State Dinner since Barack Obama became President. I’m irritated by the Secret Service’s response to this incident. They seem to feel that the President was never in any danger. Yeah. Right! Said the guy who royally screwed up on the job. What else were they going to say? Ummm….you’re right. We screwed up and it could have ended really really really badly???? Here’s my list of grievances with whole maddening situation:


The Not-So-Secret Service

1. Shame on you guys! Your one job is to protect the President. Of these United States. Shame shame shame on you for dropping this particular ball. In case you haven’t heard, Presidents have been killed because someone somewhere didn’t pay enough attention. This is worse though, because these weren’t people who were watching from a distance and tried to do something. YOU LET THEM IN and let them eat with the President. To make matters worse, there were TWO Presidents, a VP and countless other high profile White House officials in the room!!!! *sigh*

2. The President was never in any real danger? They were photographed shaking hands with the President while a visiting president stood an arms length away! This response is almost as bad as letting this couple waltz right into this event and it doesn’t exactly inspire faith in the public. You know what will? Your investigation into this ‘incident’ and the assurance that it won’t happen again.

3. Knowing what we all know – that there are people out there who aren’t so crazy about the current president AND that in past years, whackos have tried and sometimes succeeded in harming sitting presidents – you had better step up your game. This is a big and serious job that you have and you know: if you can’t manage a WH State Dinner, can you handle the more important aspects of the job? The “they were never really in any danger” approach isn’t going to work and for goodness sakes, step up your security. It’s what you do, right?

4. Your little mistake embarrassed the President, not just in the presence of the whole country but in the presence of a guest; a president from another nation. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in other visiting leaders, does it?

5. Anyone in the SS who thinks that these idiots didn’t have help from inside the WH, raise your hand. *crickets*

Just to be clear: mistakes happen and I get that, as I’m sure many other people do. It scares me that this happened, because it really could’ve been bad BUT what galls me, and I think many other people, is your response to it. You’re trying to be very casual about it, and you shouldn’t be. The response from the SS shouldn’t be or sound blasΓ©. It should exude seriousness and a sense of understanding of the situation. Instead of trying to downplay the situation and save face, you really should be telling the American public that this shouldn’t have happened and you’re on top of things to figure out how it did and make sure it never does again AND please drop the “he was never really in any danger” stuff because he could’ve been and you need to show that you get that: He wasn’t but he COULD have been.


Idiots Blah and Blah Salahi

1. What you guys did was selfish and incredibly stupid. You embarrassed the President, his guests, his staff and the SS, all for 15 minutes of fame. Shame shame shame on you!

2. You don’t deserve to be in any sort of lime light and if Bravo puts you on their show, I hope that they feel the repercussions of that decision.

3. You’re living proof that money does not buy class

4. You’re wealthy so maybe this eluded you but it’s quite possible that someone – who isn’t quite as wealthy as you are – will lose their job! Shame on you. Again!

5. I hope that your friends employ the rich people’s kryptonite on you: silence.


Facebook: Now that you know how their pics were obtained, take them down and/or shut down their accounts. If you won’t even allow people to post their legally acquired pics because you don’t like the content, then you shouldn’t allow illegally obtained pics to be posted either. Be consistent please.

Bravo TV: I’m not going to say that you had anything to do with this but now that you know what this couple did, you’d better stay away from them. Ratings shouldn’t outweigh decency andΒ  integrity. What this couple did was selfish, will probably lead to someone getting fired, embarrassed the President, in front of another President…nothing about this situation would cast you in a good light if you went ahead and cast them in any of your shows

My Facebook Quandry


In a nutshell, I’m embarrassed by just how much time I spend on Facebook. I’m also afraid of turning into one of those mindless updaters that make you want to hurl something at their heads. I especially hate the 3rd party updaters; “Jane Smith is wondering what to eat for dinner since her hubby decided to eat with his buddies at the university. She’s thinking she might have ice-cream for dinner. She’s so naughty…” Ummm, lady, you ARE Jane Smith you nitwit!

*Sigh* I have to go back to life pre-facebook, if for no other reason to prove that I can. So why don’t I, you ask? I’ll tell you why:

1. I’ve friends in different continents, countries and states so it’s nice to “see” them and hear/read what they’re up to lately

2. I can more easily stalk my little sister to see what she’s up to. Ok, I don’t really stalk her but she’s a teenager who doesn’t always communicate with me so it’s nice to go over to her wall and read about her shenanigans. I don’t judge either. I promise. Really!

3. I should be ashamed to admit this but it’s kind of nice to actually think up things to write or post coz I’m under the illusion that my “friends” care about it. To be fair, I really do post interesting stuff (said the Facebook addict πŸ™‚ )

4. It’s nice to be in touch with friends from high school and college. I really do like some of these people

5. I may not talk to all my ‘friends’ all the time but sometimes I do and it’s nice to know that they’re right there if/when I want them

Now, reasons to exit Facebook:

1. Some of my “friends” seem to annoy me more and more on a daily basis. I’ve recently taken to hiding their updates.

2. It’s clear that some of my “friends” are no longer people I’d be friends with offline. It’s time to say goodbye.

3. I don’t know how to delete some of these “friends” without hurting people’s feelings. I guess I’m not a good breaker-upper (I know that’s not an English word but I like it so it stays πŸ™‚ )

4. It’s turned me into a lazy friend and from my incoming call log, it seems to have done the same to my actual, real life friends. Not cool

5. I feel exposed. Some of these people are people I wouldn’t tell some of the stuff I post on my wall. Keep in mind that I don’t post explicit stuff or super personal stuff but still….the idea that someone might read something on my wall that would give them greater access to my life, thoughts, etc just weirds me out e.g. if an actual friendm says something like “hey Mia, have a safe trip…sorry things are tough right now….congrats on the new car…” then some random guy or gal would know that I’m traveling or going through a rough patch or bought a new car or whatever. So weird. It’s like yelling my info out in the middle of downtown DC or Times Square. Who does that???? Facebook, that’s who!

Also keep the following in mind:

1. My privacy settings are really high. You can’t even search for me on Yahoo or google. It’s completely private

2. I don’t accept hugs, play games, accept gifts etc. Basically, if it requires me to accept anything, I don’t accept it. I say this to say that only my “friends have access to my info”

I point this out to say that I really do use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and acquaintances but it’s all getting to be just a little creepy. I’m also logging on several several several times a day, which is so lame! I know I could quit but I feel guilty. Seriously! I feel like I’d be throwing out the baby with the bath water, so to speak. In other words, I feel that by deleting my entire profile I’d be tossing out the useful contacts along with the useless ones.

So….I’m in a quandry when it comes to Facebook. What’s a girl to do?

A Paradox…a most ingenious paradox…hahaha….


That’s a line from one of my favorite operettas, The Pirates of Penzance. What a great show! Anyway, I seem to have entered an interesting phase in my life: the randomness phase, complete with irony and a paradoxical existence.

I’m going to spare you all the details and save those for my shrink πŸ™‚ However, I did have a moment of realization today that even though things are not working out the way that I’d like, there’s still so much good happening – and what a pleasant surprise! The thing is, I’m quite the type-A person and I want things a certain way. To be fair to myself, I DO work my tail off so that I can have the outcome that I want. Since you don’t know me, allow me to tell you how well that plan has been working: it hasn’t. Not by a long shot, but let’s let the shrink deal with that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

All of that being said, I am learning to remember as often as I can that just because I have a plan doesn’t mean that it is the BEST possible plan. As a Christian, I am reminded often to trust God and let me tell you; it’s no easy task. However, there is something to be said for that because according to my favorite verse (Jer. 29:11), he evidently has a plan in place for my life, and yours and everyone else’s. I hope that’s true because I’ve done all I can do.

Let me end by sharing with you something that has held me together through the toughest times: He sees what is in front of us and ahead of us. We only see what is in front of us. Obviously I hope that if you’re reading this things are going great in your life. Fantastic even! If not however, take heart and dare to allow the paradox and ironies in your life. You might find that your friends have fled when you needed them BUT then a friend you wouldn’t even think of asking for support steps up to the plate and gives you what you need, and then some! Just go with it and trust, and don’t forget to be thankful. Even if you’re not a Christian, trust in the knowledge that all will be well.

I hope to hear from you on this and if you’d like to, definitely feel free to share your thoughts or comment or whatever you’d like. God bless and hang tight!

Carrie Prejean on Larry King Live


I saw a clip of the interview on the Larry King Live show by Larry King himself. It was with that so-called beauty queen. What’s her name? *sigh* lemme google her; gimme a sec….yes, Carrie Prejean. First of all, that tweet thinks that Sarah Palin is brilliant. Haha, that was where she lost me but it also helped me understand her better. However, what really galled me was her attitude on the show. She needed the show for her book, he needed information from her for the show (yes, the show that was going to allow her to sell her product). Larry asked, she answered, he moved on to a question from a caller, but dumbo over there didn’t even know that because she’d taken orders from someone off-stage to remove her mic. This was all childish but whatever; she’s an idiot so I wasn’t totally surprised. What really bugged me was this attitude she seemed to have right from the beginning, like she was going to teach Larry a lesson or that she was going to show him or put him in his place.

Let me tell you something, you empty-headed embarrassment: you made a total ass of yourself and your behavior on that show was uncalled for and stupid. Furthermore, Larry King has earned a reputation in his field and beyond that you could never touch so a little respect and decency on your part was necessary. Remember, you chose to go on his show for a reason and he was gracious to allow you the privilege. I say “allow” because there are plenty of people with goods to peddle who don’t make it to that show.

You’re a terrible representative and an embarrassment to the pageant, your faith, your character, your integrity, your intelligence…you’re even an embarrassment to the person or people who were charged with the duty to instill some morals, values and class not to mention self respect and respect for others. Your behavior on Larry King Live and your attitude toward Larry King was classless and shameful.

Shame on you, little miss beauty queen. Your looks may get you a sex tape but they will never earn you respect or get you class. Shame shame shame on you!

PS: Before anyone says it, let me be clear: this woman’s stand on gay marriage has nothing to do with this post. Her behavior on this show 100% does!


Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer


Right off the bat I should say that I loved Rihanna in this interview. I found her to be honest and genuine. It didn’t feel scripted and she was able to eloquently and honestly express herself. I was impressed with the way she carried herself in how she responded to Diane’s questions. I also appreciate Diane handling her with decency and dignity as opposed to the “hungry hyena” approach that some interviewers use. Finally, I definitely think that Rihanna made the right decision to have the interview with Diane Sawyer and not Oprah or any of the gazillion people who would’ve killed a goat and a cow for this interview (and I say this in humor. No tomatoes please πŸ™‚ )

I didn’t like that Diane insisted or chose to show her the video of Chris’s internet apology. That was the one time I felt that she was trying to do something for ratings.Β  On the other hand,Β  when Rihanna was talking to her young fans – especially those being abused – about not making a decision based on love and instead to look at the situation for what it is, she said “…EF love…” which I thought was cute in an “oh these young people” kind of way. I also felt that it would be effective since that IS how many young people express themselves today, for better or worse…ef this, ef that, whatever! older people don’t express themselves like that.

I appreciate her speaking the truth about her feelings for Chris, then and now. I feel like people want her to come out and make all these many promises and vow NEVER EVER to get back with Chris Brown but the thing is, she’s right: love doesn’t just go away in an instant. It took them 2 years to build it so it’ll take her some time to come through it and choose better.

Rihanna, congratulations for choosing to do this interview. It showed people the truth of who you are and it may very well have saved some lives. Good luck with the future.

Chris Brown: my feeling is that people don’t necessarily hate HATE you but you should listen to what Rihanna said tonight i.e this is no time to feel sorry for yourself. You did this, you need to man up and definitely take advantage of that year of counseling.

Good luck to you both!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Part Deux


Is it me or was this finale really boring and annoying??? Kim was being really defensive, which was annoying especially when she was trying to…I donno what to call it; I think she was trying to act positive and “it’s all in the past…” blah blah blah. I wonder if one reason she was soooooo into forgetting the past was because the past didn’t really cast her in good light? Hmm….food for thought.

I thought they handled themselves better this time around, except when Kim – big surprise – outed Dwight on his penile implant. I hate the word but I actually found myself calling her the big bad “B” word. Who does that? Ummm…KIM!!! Really what is was, was that she felt left out if she wasn’t involved in EVERY aspect of every conversation. She definitely needs to get over herself, and I’ll go ahead and get over her in 3…2…1…Kim? Kim who???

One thing I did like was Lisa standing up to Dwight. No matter if he was right or wrong, there IS a time and a place for everything, and he didn’t approach or address the situation in a way that would have made it acceptable to her. He may or may not know his stuff but:

1) He’s not the end-all-be-all of all things fashion. There’s room for plenty of different opinions

2) Lisa’s name is the one that’s associated with Closet Freak, not his.

3) There’s a time and a place and you know what Dwight? You should learn how to say things to people, even if you think you’re right

4) The way he handled the Lisa fashion show was plain disrespectful

OK. So, the season is over but here come The Real Housewives of Orange County. I guess that’s my cue to get to coz I can’t handle them right now.

Ciao, until next time. Again πŸ™‚

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Part One


Before you throw the tomatoes, lemme say that I’m EMBARRASSED to admit that this is a guilty pleasure, especially now that I’ve got cable! Yeah yeah, it’s crummy and terrible tv but who can resist?!?!? In my defense, times are tough and I need something to cheer me up. I missed the whole season (no cable) but caught part 1 of the finale, which recapped the whole season. Here are some thoughts on the ladies:

1. Kim thinks she’s classy. HELLO!!!! No Kim. Girl, you are anything BUT classy. Haha. I’m not a hater but I do think it’s HI-larious when someone who lacks class (KIM) really thinks that they’re classy. Kim, money does NOT buy class.Β  Don’t get me wrong; she’s no she-devil or anything and we all have issues but I just wanted to say, for the record, that IMHO Kim is not classy.

2. Sheree.…I would like her if only she wouldn’t try so hard to be I-donno-what. I’m not even sure she knows WHAT she’s trying to be. WHO are you, Sheree? Actually, she has a very likable thing about her, which goes right out the window the second she tries to convince us what she’s trying to convince herself: that she’s special and rich and no longer middle class blah blah blah. Sheree, don’t try so hard. We KNOW you’re all that. Do you? If you did, you wouldn’t need to keep saying it and trying to prove it over and over ad nauseum *exasperated sigh*

3. NeNe….how can you be so sweet and smart and yet sound so completely opposite of that? That stuff you said about meeting Lisa’s family made you look and sound so incredibly STUPID. If you’re really that dumb and empty headed then fine, ok; but if not, why project yourself that way? Nene is tough and has made it past some tough times and very often I’m rooting for her to be successful at whatever she wants to do. However, more often than that, I’m shocked at some of the things she says or does. Nene, stop the drama. Don’t just grow old, grow up! Good luck with the bio-dad issue. I hope it all gets better for you soon.

4. Kandi…first of all, so sorry for your loss. That was a horrible thing that just happened and I wish you peace. About Kandi on the show, I will say that I’m actually impressed. She’s probably the 1st or 2nd non-airhead in all of Housewives history (toss up between her and Lisa). Kandi, use this exposure to do your music thing and be smart about it. Most of the other ladies seem to be idle and unsure about how to handle the fame but you’re smart. Good luck! PS: Watch your back when it comes to Kim. Don’t be blind or too easy with your loyalty coz I doubt you’ll get it in return. Just saying….

5. Lisa….I like her. I like her alot on the show and I hope she’s as sweet as she appears to be. Again, she’s not perfect and has her issues but my goodness I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be in public with her. Some of the other girls? I wouldn’t be caught dead. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh but the point is, Lisa has it together. As for losing the house, I think it was smart for them to live within their means rather than try to impress people while going broke. Her man will find another career and all will be well. Don’t listen to naysayers, just do your thing and don’t feel the need to defend your choices either. Your house choice, money, etc are your business and no one else. PS: Good luck with the baby-making πŸ˜‰

Well, my life called and it wants me back πŸ™‚ I’ve had my fill with empty-headed madness. Until next time, that is. Ciao!

Facebook – Finale


A funny thing happened on the way to the fair. Haha, I’ve always wanted to say that and it cracks me up every time πŸ˜€ Seriously though, I thought it’d be good to post an update on my latest issues with FB. On the very day I posted about Facebook and its shenanigans here on my blog, I was able to log into my account and then actually got a response from their help team. As it turns out, they DO exist! Whoddathunkit? I don’t know if one had anything to do with the other, although I’d like to think that it did.

Needless to say, I didn’t deactivate my account because after I painlessly logged in, I realized how much I really would’ve missed certain friends. I am however considering trimming down my friends list, from 300+ to something more manageable like 50 or 10. I don’t wanna go through Facebook withdrawal so maybe I should try to cut it down 1o at a time.

Any advice? I’d appreciate it.