The Real Housewives of Atlanta Part One


Before you throw the tomatoes, lemme say that I’m EMBARRASSED to admit that this is a guilty pleasure, especially now that I’ve got cable! Yeah yeah, it’s crummy and terrible tv but who can resist?!?!? In my defense, times are tough and I need something to cheer me up. I missed the whole season (no cable) but caught part 1 of the finale, which recapped the whole season. Here are some thoughts on the ladies:

1. Kim thinks she’s classy. HELLO!!!! No Kim. Girl, you are anything BUT classy. Haha. I’m not a hater but I do think it’s HI-larious when someone who lacks class (KIM) really thinks that they’re classy. Kim, money does NOT buy class.  Don’t get me wrong; she’s no she-devil or anything and we all have issues but I just wanted to say, for the record, that IMHO Kim is not classy.

2. Sheree.…I would like her if only she wouldn’t try so hard to be I-donno-what. I’m not even sure she knows WHAT she’s trying to be. WHO are you, Sheree? Actually, she has a very likable thing about her, which goes right out the window the second she tries to convince us what she’s trying to convince herself: that she’s special and rich and no longer middle class blah blah blah. Sheree, don’t try so hard. We KNOW you’re all that. Do you? If you did, you wouldn’t need to keep saying it and trying to prove it over and over ad nauseum *exasperated sigh*

3. NeNe….how can you be so sweet and smart and yet sound so completely opposite of that? That stuff you said about meeting Lisa’s family made you look and sound so incredibly STUPID. If you’re really that dumb and empty headed then fine, ok; but if not, why project yourself that way? Nene is tough and has made it past some tough times and very often I’m rooting for her to be successful at whatever she wants to do. However, more often than that, I’m shocked at some of the things she says or does. Nene, stop the drama. Don’t just grow old, grow up! Good luck with the bio-dad issue. I hope it all gets better for you soon.

4. Kandi…first of all, so sorry for your loss. That was a horrible thing that just happened and I wish you peace. About Kandi on the show, I will say that I’m actually impressed. She’s probably the 1st or 2nd non-airhead in all of Housewives history (toss up between her and Lisa). Kandi, use this exposure to do your music thing and be smart about it. Most of the other ladies seem to be idle and unsure about how to handle the fame but you’re smart. Good luck! PS: Watch your back when it comes to Kim. Don’t be blind or too easy with your loyalty coz I doubt you’ll get it in return. Just saying….

5. Lisa….I like her. I like her alot on the show and I hope she’s as sweet as she appears to be. Again, she’s not perfect and has her issues but my goodness I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be in public with her. Some of the other girls? I wouldn’t be caught dead. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh but the point is, Lisa has it together. As for losing the house, I think it was smart for them to live within their means rather than try to impress people while going broke. Her man will find another career and all will be well. Don’t listen to naysayers, just do your thing and don’t feel the need to defend your choices either. Your house choice, money, etc are your business and no one else. PS: Good luck with the baby-making 😉

Well, my life called and it wants me back 🙂 I’ve had my fill with empty-headed madness. Until next time, that is. Ciao!


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I decided to stop watching life pass by and join in instead. This year is all about saying "yes" to life, opportunity and ideas thus this blog. Like many people, I've wanted to start a blog, and like many people I chickened out. In fact, this is my second serious attempt. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Feel free to leave all sorts of comments, any time and I promise to do my best to reply. Feel free to compliment, complain, criticize, communicate...whatever floats your boat. See you soon :-)

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    • Whaaaaat? We disagree on NeNe? Come on now, you SEE how she is right? So what exactly do we disagree on anyway. Hmmm…can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by; I’m very flattered and ditto for the compliment. I enjoyed yours too!

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