Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer


Right off the bat I should say that I loved Rihanna in this interview. I found her to be honest and genuine. It didn’t feel scripted and she was able to eloquently and honestly express herself. I was impressed with the way she carried herself in how she responded to Diane’s questions. I also appreciate Diane handling her with decency and dignity as opposed to the “hungry hyena” approach that some interviewers use. Finally, I definitely think that Rihanna made the right decision to have the interview with Diane Sawyer and not Oprah or any of the gazillion people who would’ve killed a goat and a cow for this interview (and I say this in humor. No tomatoes please 🙂 )

I didn’t like that Diane insisted or chose to show her the video of Chris’s internet apology. That was the one time I felt that she was trying to do something for ratings.  On the other hand,  when Rihanna was talking to her young fans – especially those being abused – about not making a decision based on love and instead to look at the situation for what it is, she said “…EF love…” which I thought was cute in an “oh these young people” kind of way. I also felt that it would be effective since that IS how many young people express themselves today, for better or worse…ef this, ef that, whatever! older people don’t express themselves like that.

I appreciate her speaking the truth about her feelings for Chris, then and now. I feel like people want her to come out and make all these many promises and vow NEVER EVER to get back with Chris Brown but the thing is, she’s right: love doesn’t just go away in an instant. It took them 2 years to build it so it’ll take her some time to come through it and choose better.

Rihanna, congratulations for choosing to do this interview. It showed people the truth of who you are and it may very well have saved some lives. Good luck with the future.

Chris Brown: my feeling is that people don’t necessarily hate HATE you but you should listen to what Rihanna said tonight i.e this is no time to feel sorry for yourself. You did this, you need to man up and definitely take advantage of that year of counseling.

Good luck to you both!


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  1. Came across your blog! I saw the interview and felt the same way! She was so confident and I believe she spread the word in such an appropriate and truthful manner. I think you have to speak in the language of the younger crowd if you are having them as your audience! What a great woman to look up to!

  2. Hi riverside,
    I totally agree. I was a bit skeptical coz I thought it’d be one of those “tell them what they wanna hear” kind of things but alas, Rihanna acted and spoke like an adult. I think the way she presented herself made her accessible to adults as well as the younger crowd – and those of us in between 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. I hope to see you around again. Hop over to the ‘yes trail’ on this blog for some fun reads. Ciao!

  3. I echo your sentiments. I watched it and when it was over, there are two things i thought about: wow! she was wearing a ton of make-up LOL. But more than that, all i could say was “wow! what intelligence! She is very well spoken and i think she totally nailed the interview!” Beauty and brains. Good job Ms. R.

  4. Girl you know that’s right. I didn’t notice the make-up but in retrospect I think you’re right. I did, however, notice her posture. It was very a la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct; all white/off white, high heels and leaning back into the couch….I honestly didn’t care too much for it but it was all forgotten once I heard what she had to say.

    You’re totally right: she nailed it!

  5. I watch her interview and she was very well coached, Bravo. If she really wanted to help abuse woman and young girls give all her albums’ sale to battered woman’s shelter. But we all know that will never happen and isn’t funny that her new cd is about to coming out and this so-called incident happen in February. Society was not there in that car so we won’t never know the real truth Rihanna is grown woman who has to be held accountable just like Chris Brown. No one put a gun to her head and told her to go back to him not once but nine times. When are we as people going to hold women and men accountable for their decision. Did he have the right to put his hands on her no but it was her choice to go back to him after it had the first time. Can we say media hype! .

  6. Hi Keisha, thanks for stopping by. I definitely agree that she didn’t walk into that interview not knowing what to expect and how to respond. Rihanna herself did say that she kept going back because she still loved him, no matter what he did to her. However, she also says that she’s now to the point of knowing that she has no desire to be with him, although the love is still there. Love – whether it’s with family or friends or lovers – isn’t really something that goes away just because we want it to.

    The most important thing to me in all this is this: there is NEVER a reason to put your hands on someone in an attempt to hurt them. No male or female has a right to hurt someone, and that’s really where it became difficult to let Chris Brown off the hook. The same way you say that Rihanna had a choice, Chris Brown had a choice too, and he made the wrong one.

    No ones hands are totally clean here; something happened and both parties somehow were a part of it but CB had no right to hit her; he could’ve dropped her off and driven away, he could’ve broken up with her…whatever just not HIT, BITE, CHOKE etc etc. I’m not saying that he’s a devil or anything like that. I’m just saying that he was wrong to do those things.

  7. Sometimes it’s not clear cut whether people have chosen to have a D & s (dominant and submissive) lifestyle or whether it’s a case of non-consensual abuse. In Rhianna’s case, I fear she falls into the category of having the battered woman syndrome. Sadly, I’ve known women like this who after a few weeks convince themselves the batterer has changed and they go back. The men are usually good at trying to put on a repentant puppy dog act. The cycle often gets worse while family and friends give up on those who don’t want to help themselves. If Rhianna has made a lifestyle choice and is into kinky stuff and BDSM that’s fine. If she is just straight up a battered woman I hope her high public profile will result in the public learning more about this issue.

    • I don’t think I’d thought of this story in terms of D&S or BDSM before. Really, I don’t even know what BDSM stands for. Based only on her interview, I think she followed the classic battered spouse/domestic violence path by choosing to believe that he didn’t mean it and it was a mistake and it’ll be better now, blah blah blah. It sounded like she decided she couldn’t let a girl who looked up to her follow her example to the grave. This issue is more complex than most people think but so far, I think she’s doing as well as can be expected.

      Now, about the BDSM et al, enlighten me please 😀

      • The letters in BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadist/masochist. D & s stands for Dominant and submissive. Sometimes this is referred to as Top and bottom or Master/Mistress and slave. Male Tops are usually call themselves Masters or want to be called Sir. Jeff Gannon a.k.a. Guckert? was a homosexual sadist for hire, or pro (professional/paid Top. Many amateurs like Bitchy Jones don’t wan any association with the pros. prefer Female Tops often use prefixes like Lady, goddess, Mistress, Domme, Domina The submissive or masochist is usually referred to with a lower case letter and the Dominant or sadist is usually referred to with an upper case letter especially when referring to a relationship. F or f for female and M or m for male. So I was wondering whether CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA had a M/f relationship. In personals you wil sometimes see referrence to M/m, F/m, F/f and M/f . Rihanna is a battered woman, but she might be kinky too. That’s where the consensual versus non-consensual line has to be delineated, usually with a prearranged “Safe-word”. Make sure you have good anti-virus and cookie blockers if you visit any of those more hardcore BDSM sites like Men in Pain.

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