Carrie Prejean on Larry King Live


I saw a clip of the interview on the Larry King Live show by Larry King himself. It was with that so-called beauty queen. What’s her name? *sigh* lemme google her; gimme a sec….yes, Carrie Prejean. First of all, that tweet thinks that Sarah Palin is brilliant. Haha, that was where she lost me but it also helped me understand her better. However, what really galled me was her attitude on the show. She needed the show for her book, he needed information from her for the show (yes, the show that was going to allow her to sell her product). Larry asked, she answered, he moved on to a question from a caller, but dumbo over there didn’t even know that because she’d taken orders from someone off-stage to remove her mic. This was all childish but whatever; she’s an idiot so I wasn’t totally surprised. What really bugged me was this attitude she seemed to have right from the beginning, like she was going to teach Larry a lesson or that she was going to show him or put him in his place.

Let me tell you something, you empty-headed embarrassment: you made a total ass of yourself and your behavior on that show was uncalled for and stupid. Furthermore, Larry King has earned a reputation in his field and beyond that you could never touch so a little respect and decency on your part was necessary. Remember, you chose to go on his show for a reason and he was gracious to allow you the privilege. I say “allow” because there are plenty of people with goods to peddle who don’t make it to that show.

You’re a terrible representative and an embarrassment to the pageant, your faith, your character, your integrity, your intelligence…you’re even an embarrassment to the person or people who were charged with the duty to instill some morals, values and class not to mention self respect and respect for others. Your behavior on Larry King Live and your attitude toward Larry King was classless and shameful.

Shame on you, little miss beauty queen. Your looks may get you a sex tape but they will never earn you respect or get you class. Shame shame shame on you!

PS: Before anyone says it, let me be clear: this woman’s stand on gay marriage has nothing to do with this post. Her behavior on this show 100% does!



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  1. Wow, was Carrie Prejean ever rude to Larry King! What a hypocrite. She goes on the show to plug her book, repeatedly calls Larry King inappropriate and deliberately gives him dead air? With views as bigoted as hers how dare she?. Doesn’t she purport to be Christian? Hasn’t she ever heard the expression”Judge not lest thee be judged also” ?

    • I knoooooooow! She was awful and behaved like a spoiled brat. That girl wouldn’t know class if it smacked her in the face. She gives Christians everywhere a bad name and she’s a horrible hypocrite; I think she’s allergic to the truth.

      PS to your PS: Her beauty isn’t even skin deep! Arrgghhh…what a waste!

    • Hey Frau, it’s great to see you here chica! Thanks for the kudos because I really can’t handle defending her actions. I was a little worried that it would give her notoriety with the media but alas they saw right through her crap.

      PS: Glad to see we also agree on what we think is beautiful, or in this case, isn’t! She looks like a bad example of a barbie wannabe – the terrible version. Sheesh, she’s an embarrassment and I can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be over because she’s a waste of time, energy, effort…everything!

  2. And, I don’t think she’s that pretty. I find the plastic, shining teeth look to be unattractive. She kind of looks weird actually. Not to be superficial 🙂

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