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The Yes Trail continued


As  you know (from my About page), I started this blog almost two years ago with the intention of shouting a big, loud, resounding YES to life! I imagined writing and broadcasting many cool, fun, mundane, interesting moments of saying yes to and embracing life. Well, here I sit almost two years later with a barely updated Yes Trail.

Well, it’s a new year with new beginnings so this year, I really am going to make more of an effort to write down my YES moments of victory. In the spirit of the New Year, I have updated my YESes; check out The Yes Trail on the top of this blog page.

The point here isn’t just about writing down all the things that have added value to my life. It’s more than that; it’s about proving to myself that my life – contrary to Facebook photos – has many positive things to be celebrated. Never did this come in more handy than in 2010. My family buried many of our members, and with each funeral, a part of ourselves too. Life took a grim, dark and twisted turn and everything took on an eerie shade of grey; the kind of grey that clouds get right before a funnel cloud forms. The sun slowly faded and was replaced by the fear of phonecalls, which seemed to bring news of yet another death. I begun to feel as if I too was fading into despair.

In 2011, I am more determined than ever to embrace life, if for no other reason than to honor of those who would have loved to be here but instead rest 6ft under. Join me by living and celebrating YOUR life; life is afterall for the living and tomorrow is promised to no one.

Get out there and LIVE, and then come back and tell me all about it 🙂

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! I hope the year continues to unfold with the same optimistic energy it seemed to begin with. As usual, many people had New Year’s resolutions all made out. I thought I’d wait about 2 weeks before checking in to see how ya’ll were doing.

So….how are you doing with those resolutions? Well, if I’m gonna ask you for info then the least I can do is give you some myself so here goes: one resolution was to stop using the word “Fuck” in all its variations. Permanently. Two weeks into the year and I can report that my success rate has been about 20% (although if I had a curse bank it’d be a bit lower, I think). It’s not that I curse like a sailor, it’s just that I use the word whenever I feel like it. Remember the goal was to stop completely! Yeah, let’s just say it’s a work in progress. Another resolution was to work on my social life. In a nutshell, I want to go out more and do more things since I’ve become quite the home body. Success rate on this one is about 50%; I have gone out more, I have made more of an effort toward making actual changes but I can’t say I’m completely satisfied with progress here. I left most of my friends in one country and I honestly don’t feel too motivated to find new friends because let’s face it, the older you get the fewer quality new friends you tend to have (or maybe that’s just me). Enough about me though. Tell me about you; your new year so far, any resolutions, progress…whatever you wanna share, it’s all good.

Another resolution is to blog more and on that, I’m giving myself a thumbs up! Talk to me and lemme know what’s new and good with you 🙂