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East West…I’m back!



I can’t believe it’s been this long since my last post. Why am I back, you ask? I ‘met’ a new friend today – Wolf. In short, he forbade me from giving up on my blog. He said I must write something, even on days when I feel I have nothing to say. It made sense, so here I sit, years after my last post.

This time round, I’ll be more open. I won’t sensor myself as much and will therefore say things that might be considered wrong, controversial or even naughty. Consider yourself warned – in as friendly a tone as possible.

In the spirit of being a little more open, here are a couple of things:

1. Let’s start with my name; it’s Maggie

2.  I’m a classically trained opera singer; a Mezzo-soprano to be exact. I will continue to use Mia for this blog, but that’s for sentimental reasons more than anything else

3. I’m currently living in East Africa.

4. I’m technologically challenged so it may take a while to post any of my musical work, but once I can figure it out, I will. I’ll also try to spruce up my blog, but again, I’m technologically challenged so be patient 🙂

5. I just ate the yummiest snack. plantain + ginger milky tea. YUM *smacks lips*

OK, I think that’s a good start. I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Tell me something about you.


Happy 1st Birthday


My dear YesProject readers,

I have some excellent news. Today, Feb 23rd 2010 is my first birthday here on theyesproject. Allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking this journey with me. Those of you who read mypurpose (see About page) know that there were certain things that I wanted to accomplish this year so let’s recap:

1. The Yes Trail was a success. It would’ve been a much bigger success had I been better about tracking my “Yeses” so I guess we all know Mia’s new goal for 2010, huh? No worries though: I’m proud to have started a Yes Trail to track my adventures. Please check out my Yes Trail in 2010 and if I slack off, don’t be afraid to call me out on all that mess asap! Just be gentle 🙂

2. The blog was a success. The whole purpose of writing the blog was to stop thinking about life and actually get out there and live it and share it. In that sense, it was a success. I still hope to break the observing habit and really get in there and live life to the fullest. Cliche, I know. So sue me (don’t) 😉

3. I absolutely loved meeting you. Listen you guys, I really really REALLY enjoyed hearing from you. I’ve got to say that you guys are some of the nicest out there. Some of you even wrote me using my blog e-mail and that was fun too. I’m looking forward to hearing from you more and more and more.

Those are just 3 things I’ll be celebrating this year. I would love to hear from you. Here are some things I’d love to hear about:

1. What would you like to see more of this year?

2. What do you wish would’ve been left out?

3. How can I make this a more interactive blog?

Please do use the comments section and share with me. In the meantime, celebrate with me as I celebrate my first birthday here on

Welcome to The Lily Review readers


My dear readers, I am oh-so pleased to announce that I am now a contributing writer for The Lily Review, a really cool blog for really cool people 🙂 Howz that for vague? Well, check them out at for a more accurate (and dare I say beautiful) picture of their blog.

I am so pleased and excited for this opportunity. Pleased enough, in fact, that I have dedicated an entire post to you, my Lily Review readers. I look forward to seeing you both here at theyesproject here as well as there at Mia’s Diary. You may notice that the content is different so there’ll be no duplicating. I figure if you’re going to take the time to read my work, the least I can do is provide enough material for you to read (and love) without wasting your time with duplication.

Please feel free to leave comments, rants, raves, suggestions, compliments, complaints…whatever. Basically, anything you want to say, you’re welcome to say it here. I look forward to seeing you around.

Seriously and sincerely and with lots of smiles,