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East West…I’m back!



I can’t believe it’s been this long since my last post. Why am I back, you ask? I ‘met’ a new friend today – Wolf. In short, he forbade me from giving up on my blog. He said I must write something, even on days when I feel I have nothing to say. It made sense, so here I sit, years after my last post.

This time round, I’ll be more open. I won’t sensor myself as much and will therefore say things that might be considered wrong, controversial or even naughty. Consider yourself warned – in as friendly a tone as possible.

In the spirit of being a little more open, here are a couple of things:

1. Let’s start with my name; it’s Maggie

2.  I’m a classically trained opera singer; a Mezzo-soprano to be exact. I will continue to use Mia for this blog, but that’s for sentimental reasons more than anything else

3. I’m currently living in East Africa.

4. I’m technologically challenged so it may take a while to post any of my musical work, but once I can figure it out, I will. I’ll also try to spruce up my blog, but again, I’m technologically challenged so be patient 🙂

5. I just ate the yummiest snack. plantain + ginger milky tea. YUM *smacks lips*

OK, I think that’s a good start. I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. Tell me something about you.

Happy New Year?


In case you can’t tell, it’s almost January 1st 2010 and I seem to be lacking in the very common New Year euphoria. I guess I’m just wondering if there are others out there who don’t quite feel excited or enthusiastic about it.

Things are feeling way more complicated that I thought they’d feel. I’m also on vacation and I suppose I expected a certain amount of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and frankly, rescucitation. (If you knew the kind of year 2009 was for me, you would understand why I feel I need to be rescusicated.) Instead, demands I have no desire to fulfill are being shoved down my throat and the stress is killing me slowly, quite literally it feels like. I’m angry, pissy, moody, annoyed as hell, stressed, depressed and about ready to walk off a bridge (Chill out. That last one is just a figure of speech but still…) I haven’t even been here for four full weeks and yet here I am, already planning an exit. To be honest, I’m not having as much rest as I wanted. This new turn of events is giving me a serious case of the blues.

I suppose I’m wondering if there are others out there. Are you all feeling hopeful and optimistic about the new year or are your almost dreading it, seeing as a preview doesn’t seem to yield much to be happy about. I suppose some of you feel I should just smile and be positive through it. Well….tough shit. These feelings may not last but they’re here now and I’m not going to push them aside for the sake of so-called optimism. It is my contention that even optimistic people don’t ‘stay positive’ all the time. They simply understand that bad moods, days or moments in days happen and it’s only natural and human to feel them. So, once again allow me to ask: what are your true feelings, hopes and dreams for the new year 2010??? Please share: I’m listening.

Inspite of how you may feel about it, allow me to wish you a Happy and Fantabulous (yes, that’s a word. Mia’s word 🙂 ) New Year. Come over often to tell me all about it.