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Letter to Luis Moreno Ocampo


Dear Mr. Ocampo, I hope this finds you well.

I am writing this letter regarding the matter of Kenya’s 6 most wanted criminals by the ICC. I would love to say that I’m writing on behalf of all Kenyans but alas, I wouldn’t want to presume. I feel that a letter is necessary because things seem to be getting worse and not better. I was concerned when I saw the 6 alleged murderers and rapists working very hard to avoid prosecution. I was concerned, but not enough to write to you. However, many weeks after your announcement, I am positively worried and losing sleep about it. I am worried sick that your once strong resolve to prosecute these alleged criminals to the fullest extent of international law – in accordance with the treaty that Kenya willingly signed – is weakening.

Sir, Kenyans have endured decades of impunity. Did you know, for example, that the last president was in power for over to two decades? There are those that call him a dictator while others loved him. What cannot be denied is that he put the country through what is colloquially termed as “hell”. All of this to say, Kenyans have unfortunately grown accustomed to impunity and a part and parcel of life.

That being said, this has simply gone too far! The Kenyan government has spent – and is planning to spend – obscene amounts of money to push their agenda against the ICC and in the defense of some of the accused. This, despite the fact that the ICC offers legal counsel to the accused at no cost to them. The government is using the country’s coffers to defend people who are accused of some of the worst crimes against humanity while their victims languish endlessly in IDP camps. In essence, the Kenyan government is using tax payer funds to pay for the defense of people accused of crimes against those very tax payers! It’s immoral, unfair, insulting, unjust and unethical, but they don’t care.

Dear Mr. Ocampo, please don’t abandon Kenya. If you hear nothing else I just said, hear this: Kenya NEEDS you. Kenyans need someone to stand up for them; someone who cannot be victimized by the local police or anyone else in the country for that matter; someone who cannot be bought. They need someone who isn’t easily swayed by politics. They need someone to remind their “leaders” and citizens that integrity matters. Sir, please push through with the process; do not be swayed by pressure from this or any other government. Do not let their whining get to you, do not let their cries of unfairness sway you to their side. Do not allow them to use you to get away with these crimes, if found guilty.

However, if you do feel yourself swayed by their arguments – because you are human after all – take a good long look at the victims of these crimes. Let their horror stories of rape, hunger, tears, insecurity, death, abandonment and fear move you to standing your ground. Let the Kenyan governments own decision to have the ICC pursue these cases remind you that you are within your mandate. Let the everyday, hard working Kenyan inspire you forward, for hard work and innovation will mean nothing should the country fall back into chaos. Keep in mind that Kenya is facing another presidential election next year. If they get away with this now, Kenya will never know peace because it will be clear that there will be no consequences for such brutal acts. Finally, remember too that should you allow them to wiggle their way out of this situation, they will be taking your credibility down with them. They will, in essence, be announcing that you too are for sale. That cannot be!

The accused are simply that: accused. Whether or not they’re guilty is for the ICC to decide; do your due diligence and let their attorneys do theirs and then may the chips fall where they may.

Dear Mr. Ocampo, Kenyans need to be reassured that the ICC can and does stand for justice for all; Kenyans need to see a justice system that actually works. I realize that I had not intended to speak on behalf of Kenyans, but it turns out that I did, for better or worse.

Sir, please do not abandon Kenya.




My Rant on the White House Party Crashers


I thought it was a bad joke when I first heard it: A well-dressed, wealthy couple had apparently crashed the White House’s first State Dinner since Barack Obama became President. I’m irritated by the Secret Service’s response to this incident. They seem to feel that the President was never in any danger. Yeah. Right! Said the guy who royally screwed up on the job. What else were they going to say? Ummm….you’re right. We screwed up and it could have ended really really really badly???? Here’s my list of grievances with whole maddening situation:


The Not-So-Secret Service

1. Shame on you guys! Your one job is to protect the President. Of these United States. Shame shame shame on you for dropping this particular ball. In case you haven’t heard, Presidents have been killed because someone somewhere didn’t pay enough attention. This is worse though, because these weren’t people who were watching from a distance and tried to do something. YOU LET THEM IN and let them eat with the President. To make matters worse, there were TWO Presidents, a VP and countless other high profile White House officials in the room!!!! *sigh*

2. The President was never in any real danger? They were photographed shaking hands with the President while a visiting president stood an arms length away! This response is almost as bad as letting this couple waltz right into this event and it doesn’t exactly inspire faith in the public. You know what will? Your investigation into this ‘incident’ and the assurance that it won’t happen again.

3. Knowing what we all know – that there are people out there who aren’t so crazy about the current president AND that in past years, whackos have tried and sometimes succeeded in harming sitting presidents – you had better step up your game. This is a big and serious job that you have and you know: if you can’t manage a WH State Dinner, can you handle the more important aspects of the job? The “they were never really in any danger” approach isn’t going to work and for goodness sakes, step up your security. It’s what you do, right?

4. Your little mistake embarrassed the President, not just in the presence of the whole country but in the presence of a guest; a president from another nation. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in other visiting leaders, does it?

5. Anyone in the SS who thinks that these idiots didn’t have help from inside the WH, raise your hand. *crickets*

Just to be clear: mistakes happen and I get that, as I’m sure many other people do. It scares me that this happened, because it really could’ve been bad BUT what galls me, and I think many other people, is your response to it. You’re trying to be very casual about it, and you shouldn’t be. The response from the SS shouldn’t be or sound blasé. It should exude seriousness and a sense of understanding of the situation. Instead of trying to downplay the situation and save face, you really should be telling the American public that this shouldn’t have happened and you’re on top of things to figure out how it did and make sure it never does again AND please drop the “he was never really in any danger” stuff because he could’ve been and you need to show that you get that: He wasn’t but he COULD have been.


Idiots Blah and Blah Salahi

1. What you guys did was selfish and incredibly stupid. You embarrassed the President, his guests, his staff and the SS, all for 15 minutes of fame. Shame shame shame on you!

2. You don’t deserve to be in any sort of lime light and if Bravo puts you on their show, I hope that they feel the repercussions of that decision.

3. You’re living proof that money does not buy class

4. You’re wealthy so maybe this eluded you but it’s quite possible that someone – who isn’t quite as wealthy as you are – will lose their job! Shame on you. Again!

5. I hope that your friends employ the rich people’s kryptonite on you: silence.


Facebook: Now that you know how their pics were obtained, take them down and/or shut down their accounts. If you won’t even allow people to post their legally acquired pics because you don’t like the content, then you shouldn’t allow illegally obtained pics to be posted either. Be consistent please.

Bravo TV: I’m not going to say that you had anything to do with this but now that you know what this couple did, you’d better stay away from them. Ratings shouldn’t outweigh decency and  integrity. What this couple did was selfish, will probably lead to someone getting fired, embarrassed the President, in front of another President…nothing about this situation would cast you in a good light if you went ahead and cast them in any of your shows

Carrie Prejean on Larry King Live


I saw a clip of the interview on the Larry King Live show by Larry King himself. It was with that so-called beauty queen. What’s her name? *sigh* lemme google her; gimme a sec….yes, Carrie Prejean. First of all, that tweet thinks that Sarah Palin is brilliant. Haha, that was where she lost me but it also helped me understand her better. However, what really galled me was her attitude on the show. She needed the show for her book, he needed information from her for the show (yes, the show that was going to allow her to sell her product). Larry asked, she answered, he moved on to a question from a caller, but dumbo over there didn’t even know that because she’d taken orders from someone off-stage to remove her mic. This was all childish but whatever; she’s an idiot so I wasn’t totally surprised. What really bugged me was this attitude she seemed to have right from the beginning, like she was going to teach Larry a lesson or that she was going to show him or put him in his place.

Let me tell you something, you empty-headed embarrassment: you made a total ass of yourself and your behavior on that show was uncalled for and stupid. Furthermore, Larry King has earned a reputation in his field and beyond that you could never touch so a little respect and decency on your part was necessary. Remember, you chose to go on his show for a reason and he was gracious to allow you the privilege. I say “allow” because there are plenty of people with goods to peddle who don’t make it to that show.

You’re a terrible representative and an embarrassment to the pageant, your faith, your character, your integrity, your intelligence…you’re even an embarrassment to the person or people who were charged with the duty to instill some morals, values and class not to mention self respect and respect for others. Your behavior on Larry King Live and your attitude toward Larry King was classless and shameful.

Shame on you, little miss beauty queen. Your looks may get you a sex tape but they will never earn you respect or get you class. Shame shame shame on you!

PS: Before anyone says it, let me be clear: this woman’s stand on gay marriage has nothing to do with this post. Her behavior on this show 100% does!