Ok, so the whole point of starting my beloved blog was to spur myself out of the redundancy of the daily “blah”. I was thinking earlier this morning about the yes project and decided to start tracking my “yes” moments, keeping in mind that I usually tend to say no to most things that don’t include food, sleep, school and work, sometimes all at once! Anyhoo…below is a list that I will try to update every so often:

1. I finally got this blog up and running, no small feat, btw 🙂

2. I took an out of town trip which turned out to be exactly what I needed 🙂

3. I finally found a safe “house” for my baby Blanca :-), my car, although I miss her very much 😦

4. I met a guy and didn’t instantly put him the “no” pile – can I get a cookie for this one? 😉

5. I called up some people from my past and finally cleaned house, in a manner of speaking 🙂 🙂

6. I got proactive about making necessary professional connections that were invaluable

7. I did some good work for several of my clients and saw their cases to completion 🙂

8. I made some huge decisions that I had previously put in the “procrastinate until you can’t anymore” pile 🙂

9. I made a really great financial decision that made no sense to anyone else but me 🙂 🙂

10. Even now, weeks late after #9 above, I am sure and positive that said decision was the absolute best one for me. That kind of peace of mind cannot be bought, thank you very much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok, so so-far I have ten things but rest assured that this list will keep expanding and growing. I want to keep it spontaneous and fresh so I will update it when there is something to update, and not a moment sooner.

For now, all I can say is “YAY MIA” for 10 great YESes (if there is such a word)


Ok, updating the Yes Trail!

11. I shaved my hair off – all of it! Let me tell you, this was such an awesome decision. Different reactions but most good. I am so glad I finally said “yes” to this decision. It’s bold, and exciting, and the new me – for sure

12. Similar to #4, except that this time not only did I not put him in the “no” pile, I flirted up a storm. I don’t wanna jinx it so lemme keep this one to myself for now. Cross ur fingers for me though, ok? 😉

13. I’m saying “yes” to more things, people and experiences. I’m so glad for “The Yes Project”


14. I allowed a fella from my past into my present

15. I took my place in the driver’s seat and followed Steve Harvey’s advice to find out my so-called man’s plan was: I was not sorry I listened and not sorry I asked

16. Identified what I needed and decided to ask for it instead of hoping that someone would figure it out

17. Refused to pursue a guy and deleted him from my phone – and I wasn’t sorry. I wish him well, without me 🙂

18. Finally got one of those spray-on henna tattoos. Actually, I got two! One was free 🙂 Awesome!

19. Took a detour with a friend and ended up enjoying a really nice day instead of going straight home from the hospital

20. Saw a guy with a big ol HUGE snake around his neck. Ok, so it wasn’t a “Yes” moment but it scared the bejeebeez out of me!


Ummm…I seem to have hit a snag. It feels like I have hardly said yes to anything these last few weeks. Wait, lemme see…

21. I finally moved out of my crappy living situation. Pheeew! That has to count for a yes, right?

22. Re: #14, I didn’t go running from this guy, no matter the urge. If you know me, you know I almost always have my running shoes on! Basically, I felt the fear and did it anyway. I think that most def counts as a yes.

Ok, so now I only have two yeses but I’m working on it. Let’s see what happens.


I’ve been saying yes to New York this summer, as best as I could. Here goes a list:

23. Yes! to Museum of Modern Art (even though it was raining and sad outside) AND it was on a Friday so it was Free!!!

24. Yes to Central Park (even though I really just wanted to stay home)

25. Yes, and big fat one, for choosing to continue with faith in spite of how things may have seemed

26. Yes to new accommodations; new apartment, cool roomies, roof with a view. Yes Yes Yes

27. Yes to new romantic resolutions (esp re: marriage? big fat YES!) 🙂

28. Yes to new (and forbidden) romantic sightings. I love having these people occupy my mind for the moment 😉

29. Yes to a family get-together, even though I was unsure as to how it would go (PS: it went great!)

30. Yes. A gigantic YES to a visit with an old/former friend for the sake of visiting family members. It was a little weird because this person is no longer in my life but I was glad that I took the plunge and my guest had a good time, because of my yes so….whoop whoop!

31. Yes to letting a guy go (or I’m STILL letting a guy go). Basically I saw the writing on the wall and this time, I read it and got it.

32. Yes to making decisions that empower me and take care of me without feeling guilty about it.

33. Yes to putting myself first

34. Yes to surviving a crazy, hectic and draining summer full of crises, betrayal and end of friendships, endless moving…I survived

35. Yes to walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Awesome experience; would do it again

36. Yes to taking the Staten Island Ferry. It’s weird coz for some reason this always seemed like some far off thing I wouldn’t do yet it was painless. Sailing past Lady Liberty is a pretty cool experience

I’m happy and proud to see that I’ve been saying yes to more and more things. Oh, and one more: I’m this close to saying yes to coloring my hair and even closer to texturizing it. I know an “almost yes” doesn’t count but watch this space for news of new color and texture. Any suggestions?


37. YES to saying yes yes yes. Reading the list over has excited me even more!

38. Yes to repeated trips to Central Park. So far, I’ve been to the lake, strolled and exercised, gone on a first date 😉, taken time off to think and relax. It’s one of my new favorite spots now.

39. Yes to new romance AND it’s in keeping my resolutions (see #27 above)

40. Yes to big, life-changing decisions that will affect my life and the lives of some family and friends. Not everyone is happy and I still have moments of anxiety about it but we’re all doing the best we can. I’m proud of myself for having the presence of mind to make this decision

41. Yes, to finally texturizing my hair. No word yet on coloring but hey, one down one to go

42. One fantastic YES! to celebrating a big birthday in style. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

43. Yes to true and real and deep friendship. Good times call everyone, tough times call your friends and they come

44. In keeping with #43, YES to my amazing friends. AMAZING friends. Oh, YES to starting a whole new page just for my friends

45. YES to taking a chance on a new and exciting romance. He’s what you would wish on a girl. It’s new and there are no guarantees but YES to choosing to go with the flow and not psych myself out before its even started.

46. YES to exploring creative solutions to complex issues.

47. YES to feeling the fear and doing it anyway

48. YES to Dr. Oz! I love him and I so wish he was my doctor 🙂 Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute and nice 😉

OK, I think I’m all “yes”ed out – for now. Watch this space for more “yes”es.


49. YES to Columbus Day parade, on a whim

50. YES to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I didn’t make it on it but I made it to something else

51. YES to exploring Rockerfeller Center, which led to an unexpected gift

52. YES to genuine but impromptu banter with a security guard who gave me a free pass to the Rockerfeller Center Observatory. This was an amazing experiencing and the free pass was truly an unexpected gift at an unexpected time

53. YES to refusing to wear myself out to switch trains. It was a longer commute but I met a really cool person in what I consider to be serendipitous meeting (big word, I know :)) but YES to big words too, when they’re true and used well.

54. YES to following my heart, even to unexpected places 😉

55. YES to traveling

Watch this space for more 🙂


56. I moved! Yep, I moved states and let me tell you: this was a big huge YES for me. I’m not even really sure what the next step is but I’ve every intention of remaining open to the flow of my life and going with it. Wish me luck!

57. I decided to let some friends go. I don’t let go too easily and I believe in fighting for what you want but recently I decided that I was worth fighting for too so I let go and let it be. I still love these people but not every friendship is meant to be for a lifetime and I want and even deserve friends who are willing to put effort into the friendship, right? I think so. It’s all good 🙂


58. I’m not sure who exactly I was talking about in #57 but here’s another one: I let go of  yet another friend. I know how it sounds but this was one was tough. However, after much thought I realized that as much as we love each other, our friendship as I’ve known it is over. *sigh* Sad but true. It’s ok though: we don’t hate each other. Well, I’ll probably just keep some distance for a while and let it flow in a different direction.

59. I went gallavanting all over Washington DC all by my damn self! Yeah, can I get a woot woot! I did a lot of walking and barely asked for directions, took lots of photos…it was so much fun.

60. Along those lines (#59), YES to enjoying my own company. Truth be told, I enjoy my own company often yet it feels like the first time every time

61. YES to my new found hope for the future. My whole life seems to be in a holding pattern. Type A that I am means that I haven’t taken too kindly to that – until now. Now, I’m excited to see what the next new phase of my life will look like. Yay to HOPE!

62. YES to a beautiful and growing relationship, over a decade in the making. All the way from high school! Yeah, I’m loving this more and more every day

63. YES to my efforts to live one day at a time. If you know me, you know how difficult that can be especially given recent events. This is the new Mia, and it’s one day at a time for me

64. YES to forgiveness. No grudge holding for me

65. YES to praying for those who hurt you, even when they are charged with your care and well-being. Single best advice ever when it comes to hurt. No root of bitterness here

66. YES to unexpected romance. It’s almost 2 months later and I’m still smiling, if for no other reason than the reminder that my kind of guy DOES exist 🙂

67. YES to a leap of faith and a huge, two ocean wide move. I’m eager, excited and hopeful that this is the absolute best move and that only good things await me. The best is yet to come.

68. YES YES YES to life, just because

69. Oh, how could I forget? YES to daring to start my blog and continuing to write it in spite of distractions.

70. YES to new ‘friends’ that I’ve met, thanks to this lovely blog

71. YES to finally making a decision regarding those darned books. I’m so sick of them and can’t wait to be rid of them. However, I finally made a decision and I think it’ll work out

OK, I think that’s it for now. See you around and definitely feel free to share your victories here too 🙂

HAPPY FANTASTIC 2011! These YESes are from 2010; there were more but these are the ones I could remember: 

72. YES to taking a job teaching at the university level. I’ve got to say that this was a wonderful, challenging and rewarding experience for me. In those six months, I felt like I was truly living my purpose. It was the perfect combination of all the things that make work & life wonderful.

73. Big fat YES to taking a solo vacation. Yes, that right, I took a solo vacation. I really splurged on it too; 4-5 star beach resort, prime location, free upgrade to an ocean view private cottage, delicious food, most indulgent spa treatment of my life….this vacation was a constant reminder of God’s undeserved goodness to me.

74. In that solo vacation, I rode a freaking camel for the first time ever! OMG, lemme tell you something, I thought I was going to die, LOL. Melodramatic, I know, but when that beast begins to rise and it feels like the entire earth is about to turn upside down. Talk about feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Yes to that 🙂

75. I finally finally colored my hair. YES!

76. Being part of a spontaneous surprise party for a friend. I got to hang out with some old school mates & friends and also met several new people. Lots of gorgeous pics too. This was a fun night!

77. New Years Eve. It was a last minute decision to go out but boy did I have a blast! I fell head first into the New Year which left me with a very bruised and swollen forehead but even in that I was able to find humor. Recovery was fast and 3 weeks later, the scar was gone and I was as good as new. YES to fun times 🙂

78. Romance. This one always features one way or the other. The point is, I once swore off younger men but then I met one and couldn’t resist. It ended two months later, tearless believe it or not. I’m glad I broke my ‘vow’ on this one. I totally appreciated this experience, warts and all

79. YES to not being jaded. It’s either a “failed” romance or a really cool learning experience (no bullshit. it’s true). I opt for the non-failure option. If every relationship “worked out” then I’d be having babies with all sorts of men, LOL. 


80. YES to saying Goodbye to a toxic relationship. I’ve know this person for a few years and looking back at those years, one theme seems common: disappointment. Life is full of disappointment but people shouldn’t be. Anyway, I finally realized that I could love him and leave him. So I did, without regret.

80. YES to performing in public years after swearing music out of my life. Famous last words they were :). Getting back up on that stage was a huge positive step for me. PS: The audience loved it, which I must admit felt great!

81. Getting back to singing in general…again, this is a huge step for me. I’m working on two opera roles as we speak! A big huge YES to falling back in love with my love – music 🙂

February 9th 2011

82. Oh freaking YES to going against my instinct this past weekend and winning! I sent out an SOS text to a few friends and cousins because my social life currently ummmm…sucks. Anyway, it’s nothing I’ve done before but I swallowed my pride and did it anyway. All were busy. Except one. That one and I met for drinks and dancing and so much fun I couldn’t believe it! Even better? He too was bored and would’ve remained that way had I not reached out so YES to reaching out and going against my norm.

83. YES to getting to know my cousin better and him getting to know me better. How fantastic for us both!

84. YES to taking a chance on yet another possible – and cute, unexpected – romance. As long as I’m willing to say YES to this, it reminds me that no one has broken me enough to change me, and halleluja to that 🙂 That makes me feel my strength to my bones, and that’s a good feeling to have; that you can be bruised but not broken.

85. YES to moving forward with my music career. My new motto ACTION NOW (see post: Ode to Friendship) is working and operation business cards is almost complete. It may seem small but it’s big to me

86. YES to feeling the fear and doing it anyway (again in regards to performing musically); to moving forward even when I don’t see all the pieces of the puzzle; to marketing myself and learning how to do it better each time. Again, may seem small but not to me

8 responses »

  1. Way to go MIA… Love what you are doing to inspire us all and love where you are going with all this. Love the blogs and will stay tuned for more. So sorry It’s taken me forever to write something but i guess i was operating in the # 8 pile…. 😉
    Take care and all the best in your finals

    • I’m soooooo excited that you came to visit and that you love it. Your opinion holds extra weight so…YAY Mia for that!

      I hope you can come back over and over to visit. I miss you but I miss you less when I “see” you LOL

      Good luck with all the stuff you have going on. “see” you around 🙂

  2. Hey, I came to your blog by chance and I must say that it’s a very positive, reader-friendly blog ))) I like your writing-style, natural, easy and flowing.
    Oh, but the thing that dragged me here in the first place was “MIA” – the girl from Pulp Fiction )))))))

  3. Awww Ostrix, you totally made my day 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you feel all the reader-friendly vibes I put out there. I especially like that you came to my Yes Trail, which was the inspiration for this whole blog to begin with.

    So, tell me more about this Pulp Fiction “MIA.” I don’t think I know of her.

  4. There is a book (which I haven’t read) which has that exact title
    “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, PhD. It has the sub-title
    “Dynamic techniquies for turning fear, indecision and anger into power, action and love.”
    Is there, perchance, any connection between that book and the-yes-trail number 47. YES to feeling the fear and doing it anyway? Congratulations on being so much more functional than I. If it’s not being too nosy, which State did you move here from and are you in New York now? Unrelated: I didn’t coose my avatar…. it must have been automatically assigned somehow.

    • I’m not even sure I remember what #47 was about but I remember worrying about it but then deciding to do it anyway. It felt really good, and then I realized that I could add it to my Yes Trail, so I did. I’m so glad I added the Yes Trail (which was the whole reason I started the blog in the first place). Thanks for noticing. Most people just stroll on by 🙂

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